Anonymous Whistleblowing

Prevent Whistleblowing – with more than just compliance

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Prevent Whistleblowing with our easy 3 step method to align with your employees worldwide.

Gain a strong well documented value chain. To prevent an anonymous whistleblowing.

Prevent Whistleblowing - Alignment

Facts and insight - A 3 Steps methos to avoid a Whistle blowing for your business .

Realtime Information
Feedback - analyzed and documentated.

With our small piece of software start building the secure value chain from your employees, stakeholders to ensure alignment to your business.

Anonymous Whistleblowing

Safe, easy, and fast reliable tool to your value chain

Here at Anonymous Whistleblowing, we believe that everyone should have access to quality insight and facts.

To make our customers lives easier, we provide them with fast and secure feedback solutions. To eliminate the barriers we ensure information to everyone and the feedback option for everyone.

With this service, will be able to reach all your employees and stakeholders from one e-mail or sms - and more important they are able to give you feedback which is automatically returend to you in an analyzing portal.

Save time, money, and hassles

In real-time get the analysis and documentation you need at all times.

Quick urgent care and attention

A simple 3 step method to inform and get feedback from everyone involved.

Accessible quality care for all

A sealed chain
Give everyone a change to know and give information. Avoid a whistleblowing case

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The cost of a
WhistleBlowing case
is unpredictable

- A strong well-documented value chain

Prevention is the best initiative your business can take.
Comply to the 3 bottom linies with a strong documented value chain.

We are here to help

You build a strong well documented value chain

Whistleblowing often arises from earlier mistakes and misunderstandings. Support the value chain by adding regular information and gaining feedback to address the right actions points and improvements.

Information to everyone

Whistleblowing, why is it here and what steps do you need to take to build a strong well documented chain fast and easy

Our primary goal is the prevention, help you build a strong well documented value chain while involving employees and stakeholders.

Anonymous Whistleblowing

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Gain access to a personalised tool to quality prevent whistleblowing

Prevention the key ahead.

A strong well-documented value chain.

With our 3 step method start to build a strong well-documented value chain to prevent an anonymous whistleblowing case. The small piece of software is easy to use, access and secures your value chain at all times.

If you want to offer your employees “a safe place to ask” A FREE mind take right actions and can support and improve the business even faster. We partner with Coachingandlife to support wellbeing.

On-boarding Day

In Collaboration With  Anonymous Whistleblowing.

      • What does the whistleblowing directive says?
      • Do you know what it means to be a whistleblower?
      • Why prevention is so important?

Get a good start with our introduction and education day. Convey trust through out the organization and across supplier network.

Make sure your employees understand the concept of whistleblowing, and why it is so important to the business with alignment at all times.

The on-boarding day ensures active and beneficial use of your Whistleblowing solution.

All prices are exclusive VAT, travel cost, hotel and accommidation

    Behind the scene.



    What does the requirement for a whistleblower scheme mean to you?

    And what does it really mean to be “a whistleblower”? Trust, security and safety are crucial elements in a workplace. And it is also crucial for a well-functioning and value-creating  whistleblower scheme.

    Otherwise, you risk having to pay for something that is not used just because the law says so.


    Are you in control
    of your compliance?
    To prevent a whistleblowing case

    All prices are ex VAT an for 12 months membership.

    Anonymous Whistleblowing

    A whistleblowing solution is important.

    If you have more than 50 employees, then you are required to have a whistleblowing solution.

    This is stated by the EU in their Directive of 2019 (link) as well as in your own country’s national law.

    But a whistleblowing solution is also an important tool to signal trust throughout the organization – from top management to supplier network.

    Not all whistleblowing reports are considered serious and constitutes a breach that needs to be reported to the authorities.

    And this is positive.

    Experience shows that a whistle blowing tool is also used to anonymously report about challenging work environment, unfortunate incidents in the workplace or wishes for improvement on certain areas.

    By knowing where to act while protecting the anonymous whistleblower, the top management can improve the overall work environment and increase employee happiness.

    Anonymous Whistleblowing

    Business minded membership

    Easy compliance with EU’s Whistleblowing Directive of 2019 and your own national law.

        • Whistleblowing – link set-up and easy to implement.
        • An anonymous active whistleblowing tool that supports the entire organization as well as important subcontractors/ suppliers.
        • A whistleblowing tool that enables the company management to convey trust and safety throughout the organization and across supplier networks.
        • Access to an onboarding day that is filled with an introduction, education, and teamwork.
        • The Onboarding day ensures that the entire organization gets a good start when implementing the Whistleblowing Solution. 
        • This day aims to ensure that everyone understands the concept of whistleblowing and knows how to use it in a beneficial way.
    Anonymous Whistleblowing

    Basic membership

    Easy compliance today – How to Prevent a 

    Worldwide prevention

    For when you just want compliance.

    Anonymous Whistleblowing

    Prime membership

    Easy compliance today – How to Prevent

    Worldwide prevention .

    + Procurement services.

    In Collaboration with your Legal

    Anonymous Whistleblowing

    What is Anonymous Whistleblowing.

    Said simplified, it is telling the business that they have a process or a procedure that does not comply to law and legislation.

    How to do it.

    There is a clear process to follow, and it is important to the business and to the whistleblower that the process followed to ensure right action can be taking.

    When a report is recieved the lawyer in charge will make a screening and ensure that the information is within the frame of the directive. As whistleblower it is your choice if you want to be 100% anonymous or your want the investigating lawyer to have your details and by law keep you informed about progress.