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About us, Anonymous Whistleblowing - When you want more than just compliance

Berit Ladefogeds expertice in procurement & supply chains are from FMCG & the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Her strong ability to build sustainable processes and procedures is combined with a solid understanding of risk management.



Whistleblowing & legal software 

 Based on our combined experience from legal & procurement, we built our very own legal software called Anonymous Whistleblowing. Our solution is simple, flexible, and built to handle worldwide whistleblowing.

As is our tradition, we want to reduce your legal costs and guarantee fixed prices. Therefore, we dug a little deeper towards true value and decided to make a secure solution that focuses on your actual flow and not the number of employees in your company.    

We also decided that we wanted to offer more than just simple compliance with EU and national laws – We wanted to offer high service, phone support, Internal guidelines, manuals, education as well as statistics/ documentation and members only updates.


Therefore, we created a membership-based subscription. Our members only pay per country and have access to all the before mentioned benefits. 




about us

Basic Membership

A strong concept to support your basic needs with a whistleblowing case.

Feedback and sustainability How we work together

Premium Membership

A strong concept to support your all your needs with a whistleblowing case including future improvements.

Anonymous Whistleblowing

This is why we join forces

Our joint collaboration is as fun as it is serious. Anonymous Whistleblowing solution allows our members easy compliance worldwide, only pay per country, access to whistleblowing phone support and other benefits. 

Every company with 50+ employees in EU must have a whistleblowing solution. Depending on company size it’s either now in december 2021 or in 2023.  The idea is to turn it all around and not just offer basic compliance based on employee head-count. But Instead offer our members a strong tool to support and improve their business. With the right legal approach and core support from procurement on clarity, transparency and savings, we can support and help you with optimization as well as contract improvements.  The goal is to help you get a sustainable resilient business that can be agile and flexible to changes.

Our creative thinking, business mindset and joint forces is what allows us to offer our members a different & more dynamic whistleblowing solution which ensures trust and compliance throughout the organzation and supplier-network.

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