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Speak up: 10 Ways to keep yourself safe


Speak up Are you crazy – to speak up. We are all working in the chain of performance in business, with friends, and at home. What happens when you speak up? Why do you want to speak up? Just give me one good reason why you want to tell what you see? tell me why […]

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When Leadership fails and Why we must be anonymous.


Anonymous. You must be anonymous and protected. When you tell the business, that something needs to be different. You can lose everything and have very little to gain. If you see that the business is doing something wrong, and you tell it to your leader, what do you believe will happen? They will bully you […]

Winning the war in your mind The battles you cannot win.


Winning the ware in your mind. Why did you tell, were you winning the war in your mind? what could you win? nothing. Think carefully before you think about telling the business, that something is wrong. You may be winning the war in your mind but in real life, you can only lose. Let me […]

Retaliation The facts you need to know with whistleblowing


Retaliation Retaliation and why you need to know what can happen to your and your family. Telling the truth is never as you think it is. What do you believe will happen when you choose to stand by what you believe is happening. Retaliation is a management decision. It all started out one summer day, […]

Anonymous Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing and retaliation Your checklist and information


Whistleblowing and retaliation, let’s be honest the 2 go hand in hand. Whistleblowing and retaliation. Whistleblowing when you make aware of something that is not good enough, follow the law or guidelines. Retaliation is when you have made the business aware that there is something wrong and they retaliate against you. Before you choose to […]

Legal Documents


Whistleblowing EU Directive Deadline December 1 – 2021


Whistleblowing EU Directive Whistleblowing EU directive – You must act before December 1. 2021 – to comply with the Whistleblowing EU directive.