Retaliation The facts you need to know with whistleblowing

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Retaliation and why you need to know what can happen to your and your family. Telling the truth is never as you think it is.

What do you believe will happen when you choose to stand by what you believe is happening.

Retaliation is a management decision.

It all started out one summer day, I was head of procurement working the different categories, and the logistics director came to me and said. We need to look over our transportation and see if we can save about 2 mill Euros a year.

Spend was approximately 10-11 mill Euros on transportation. As head of procurement, you take the initiative and start investigating, look over the spend tree in the category.

What did we find:

  1. Mangement agreed that former employees had formed a transportation company and drove a lot of the business, eventhough they were not GDP complient.
  2. That most of the dangerious goods where not filed as dangerious goods.
  3. Dangerious goods where salling onboard a passenger ferry not reported and filed as GDP transporations.
  4. That people where not trained.
  5. That the business were overpaying the former employees with more than 400 %
  6. That there were no official contracts with Phamacies and thereby no official handover of the products delivered.
  7. Transportation not transported with compliant forwarders.
  8. No contract reflecting law and legislation
  9. A 70/30 profit for bundling – company 70 and product owners 30.
  10. No statistic
  11. Inco terms not followed on booked transportation
  12. Insurance not acuate to real facts

Those where some of the problems that rised during investingation into how was transportation set up.

What did we do, we tried to make a spend tree and get the best forwarders to supply where they could really improve the situation which looked very bad.

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What does this have to do with retaliation?

Right now are you thinking what does this have to do wiht retaliation. Retaliation does not start over night, it is build overtime because you make the management aware of problems that they need to attent and solve fast, that cost them on their profit, bonus and benefits.

When you are retaliated, retaliation happens because of what you have made the management group aware of over a period of time, and they get tired of your compliants, suggestions, improvement and find your way harrasing to their way of business. Remember they love their wine, gifts, meetings in wonderful places and vacasions paid by the suppliers, or business as they desire.

Building the understanding of the retaliation is just as important as the firing of the employee. When they fire you their HR director knows what she is doing. She has done it before and she will do it againg ( not in this case as you has retired and can no longer heart people, but she has make hell for more people).

Whistle blowing will spin you around

Let’s be honest, before we dive into what happened, let me state what they did.

They hacked my private phone and listened in on all my calls, and called everyone and told them not to speak with with. The Financial direktor and the HR director called suppliers, listened in on my phone call, Facebook, twitter and Linkedin. They took pictures of what they were looking for, which all ended up in my Apple account. Where they still are.

The worst part about the retaliation.

That business has monopoly in the marked, the worst part is that I thought for 10 years that we were doing a great job, until I discover that I worked for someone who is less than worthy of their services, they just bully and lie to people.

This blog will become a book about retaliation and how businesses abuse the law, the employees and their position.

In the book real names will be added, as will facts and copy of e-mails from the business to ensure the validation of the story. All stories have two sides and the truth is what the truth is no matter who we are.

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