Speak up: 10 Ways to keep yourself safe

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Speak up

Are you crazy – to speak up.

We are all working in the chain of performance in business, with friends, and at home. What happens when you speak up?

Why do you want to speak up?

Just give me one good reason why you want to tell what you see? tell me why would you even think that you can change anything?

It is not even about that is it? it is really because you just want to do it right, and you are a bit naive? believe that the boss does not know it is illegal, while they make millions of euros keeping people out of the chain.

Think again – the only one your life matters to is you.

Never destroy something permanenly
Just because you are temporarily upset

– Unknown –
speak up letters on pink surface
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What is in it for you, when you speak up?

Improve the world – yes, but if no one will listen, and you lose your own life. What change have you made?

To speak up and change the world can only happen, when the time is right and when you can make the improvements needed.

Let me give you an example, distrubution of medicine – wrong distribution with a difficult and cost effective impact. What did I get out of speak up. Bullying, harrassment, lost my job, got frozen out, got accused of things – with nothing to win, lost it all.

Becare who you deal with – if you do not have the time to heal, build your name and strength to make it happen.

You can chain me, you can torture me,
You can even destroy this body, but you will never Imprison my mind

– Gandhi –
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Who will listen?

I don’t hate you. I am just disappointed you turned into everything you said you would never be.

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What do you lose and what do they win?

A whistleblowing case is about how a business makes it’s money?

There is no win in it for you? you can only lose and if they can shut you up, destroy you they can keep doing what they do, and may if they want to over time change it.

Facts are clear to speak up is a losers game.

Anxiety destroys scale,
and suffering makes us lose perspective.

Saul Bellow
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How to change it?

Stand up for what you believe and work for people who serve right. We all have a choice to choose and if we see wrong – choose to support the FN17 goals support the whistleblowing directive. Protect yourself, and do not fall into the trap as I did, A wrong HR director, a wronge Logistics Director, A wrong CFO and CEO – is a dangerious coctail which you should at all time avoid.

Who cares if they are criminals? the empire will fall and they will lose it all. Maybe not in your life time, but it will happen.




Substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms.

Find the goals and ways to support your needs and desire, we can speak up, we just need to do it better and smarter – wiser.


Do not make the mistake and just tell. I lost everything – no matter who you are no matter where you are. It can wait for the right moment. They know and the prepare, they are smart and trust me, they have the most expensive law firm to support their needs all the way.

Do not get into the trap of a a good course.

Wait think better for your life only.

Blame why speak up?

Looking back you need to know you did not destroy your own life for their profit and them outsmarting you. Think again.

No matter how hard you feel you would like to be a hero.


When we face the need to speak up it is because we believe or think that we have or hold information, which is needed to get it right.

Believe me management knows, what they are doing and making loads of money on it, so they want to hide it for as long as they can.

But they too are faced with the facts that –

Information is the mortar
that both builds and destroys empires.

Tobsha Learner

Remember time destroys everything, and the only one, that it matters to for yourself is actually you. If you see it, someone else will see it too.

Then we can ague, should we just be silent and not speak up at all? Facts is the time, time is everything and there is a good time and a bad time.

A smart and wise moment will give you the results you aim for, or the true intention – to support get it right.

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Speak up – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The profit always wins.

Or does it, in our new normal sustainability and value chains will become more important to businesses and how they can document their value chain.

Join a group that supports each other. Meeting wiht 8 likeminded is empowering yourself 8 times. Together we are strong and smarter and we need to understand the power of our voice.

The change is here and we are ready to distribute it.

Time will change it all and it will come out in the open, all you have to do is wait for the right moment.

We are here for the things your friends and family cannot understand. ( get your business to fund it)


Being among likeminded is always beneficial – to you.

Be safe and do good.

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