What is whistleblowing


What is a whistleblower?

As a whistleblower, you are the person who informs authorities, workplace, or the

Public about criticizable conditions, offenses, or abusive behavior. This is
Done by submitting a notification through Anonymous Whistleblowing. A
Secure, confidential, and anonymous whistleblower solution.


When you “whistle” through a whistleblowing solution, then it is equivalent to giving “a hint”.


When do you need a whistleblowing solution?

The EU directive on whistleblowing was adopted in 2019 and enters into force in Danish law on 17 December 2021. All companies in the EU with 50+ employees are thus obliged to implement a whistleblowing solution in the workplace.

The deadline in Denmark for companies with 250+ employees is 17 December 2021.


The deadline in Denmark for companies with 50-249 employees is 17 December 2023.


Why has whistleblowing legislation been introduced?

The law reflects a desire to protect whistleblowers. It intends to make it more secure and anonymous to report potential offenses, criticizable offenses and abusive behavior.

By requiring Companies to establish secure and confidential channels for reporting offenses, the identity of the whistleblower is protected.

Whistle blowing has so far contained a very difficult issue for the whistleblower. The whistleblower has typically been in a dilemma between loyalty to the company on the one hand and conscience / responsibility to the law on the other.

An “open report” made without secure and confidential channels can have negative consequences for the whistleblower. In the past, there has been no special protection for the whistleblower and their life afterwards.

The new legislation aims to address this dilemma. Whistleblowing therefore prohibits companies from any form of punishment / retaliation against the whistleblower for using the whistleblowing Solution. Among other things, they ban these actions against the Whistleblower:

• Termination & Decrease in salary

• Suspension & Degradation

• Failure to promote

• Change in working hours and tasks


• Intimidation & Harassment


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