When Leadership fails and Why we must be anonymous.

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You must be anonymous and protected. When you tell the business, that something needs to be different.

You can lose everything and have very little to gain.

If you see that the business is doing something wrong, and you tell it to your leader, what do you believe will happen?

They will bully you out.

Why will they bully you out, who are you to tell them that, what they are doing is wrong?

Let me give you my example:

I told the business that they were illigally sending medicine to the Fary Islands. That it was not being transported to the GDP rules and guidelines.

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What did I get out it.

First they started bullying me, and taking the organisation against me, then they took my position and down graded me.

Thirdly they fired me, Fourthly they hacked my private phone and e-mails while accusing me – but they did not police report it – no, they made sure that hurt, and the pain was maximum, because nothing doubts more than maybe.

Facts are I did not have anything to win.

I was naive, stupid and had the wrong leader, who was fake and a cheater. What could the CEO win and what could I lose.

Anonymous whistle blowing is the key to protect yourself in world where fake and cheat have become part of daily life. In my case many thousand people depend on getting the medicine right, yet no one invetigates nor controls that it is done safely. The business is making millions on doing things cheap and and by not telling anyone.

Anonymous is to protect you.

The CEO has helpers all around, the HR director she was the first to call everyone I was engaging with, so did the CFO he made sure that calls I did on my private phone, was informed to them so that they could call the people and tell them. Do not take to me. Of course their plan was to make it suspicious and make people doubt me.

You do that by not wanting to tell what is wrong or what they believe is right. Trust me had they had the tinny bit of anything on me, they would have reported it to the police, just as they did with a friend of mine.

You discover you are not alone.

During the last 5 years, I have discovered I am not alone, in fact they have done this to more people, I am just the only one, who they have not managed to silience by paying me some of the money they owe me.

Today, I know the power of why you need to be anonymous, I lost it all, and 10 years of my life, trying to do a good carrier was destoyed by a management group, who has created a way of bullying not only the people who work there but also the customers.

The law says that they must have a contract.

They law says that they must hold a contract to deliver medicine end-to-end, yet they pride themselves in the fact that they do not neeed that with their customers.

and no one dare to do anthing! – this has been going on for 30 years, and is stille taking place.

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Time will solve the problem.

They will continue, and someday they will meet a METOO or there will be more people who join forces to correct the wrong.

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Leaders who lead the largest business in Europa from cheat and fake performance will be stopped one day, and one day some one will rise and we will change the chain into a good resilient sustainable chain.

It’s why the law now protects you when you want to tell, and it is why you need and must be anonymous.

Never report anything to a business where you are not anonymous.

Choose the right time.

Leave if you cannot protect yourself, but do not take the roller coaster ride I did. You get cought in pain and hurt and do not have the strength to proceed.

But you will rise, and they will fail. That’s the power of time.

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