Whistleblowing and retaliation Your checklist and information

Anonymous Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing and retaliation, let’s be honest the 2 go hand in hand.

Whistleblowing and retaliation.

Whistleblowing when you make aware of something that is not good enough, follow the law or guidelines.

Retaliation is when you have made the business aware that there is something wrong and they retaliate against you.

Before you choose to whistleblow you must be aware of retaliation. See the directive here

Anonymous Whistleblowing
What are you about to do? –

What is happening and why are you about to make a whistleblow. What do you believe must stop or is not being handled as it should be?

Do you believe that there are other people who know?

Is this critical?

And most important how will it impact your life going forward. Whistleblowing and retaliation go hand in hand. If you say something to the firm, that the boss does not like.

Best case you are fired

Worst case he will retaliate against you.

Let me ask you one question, why do you believe people vote with their feet. They walk away, not because they do not know, but because they know what the person is capable of doing.

If you think Whistleblowing you think through retaliation.

Alignment in business.

To be honest, it’s the alignment in business we must focus on, the higher better is to tell, each other what is wrong, this is no longer possible. An opinion is no fact. Facts are gathered from assessments, protocols, and checklists, to ensure the firm’s performance. When we align the business we must align from facts and insight.

Whistleblowing and retaliation are united into a chain of resistance. How do you align, why do you need to align, why is a well-documented value chain needed across?

Where is the gap?

The alignment

It’s the intention to do it better, so how can you end up in a Whistleblowing and retaliation situation?

  • Do you believe they do not know?
  • Who is involved?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What is your role?

Case story: Freight of goods to an island.

Do they know: Yes, they are very aware of the situation, but do not want to spend the money on the transformation into a valid setup.

Who is involved: Management, QA, and line of business. They are all involved and very aware of what is going on. There is just no initiative to change it.

Why is it happening: Easy and cheap, the cost is 400 percent below.

What is your role: I am the one who said it, and wants to follow the guidelines, law, and rules.


Retaliation, first the management bullied me, then the management delayed all my requests and efforts, then the management downgraded me and fired me. After they fired me they hacked my private phone, including e-mails, Facebook, and Linkedin and they called up everyone to tell them that they should have nothing to do with me, if they wanted to do business with them.

How do I know, because people called me scared to death for their jobs, families, and future?

Be very careful if you are thinking about whistleblowing and know that retaliation is next. You do not know the true color of the management.

The gap analysis.

Secure yourself and ensure you have the gap analysis done – for how Whistleblowing and retaliation can impact yourself and your family.

Remember to them it is not personal, they have the attorneys paid by the business. You stand alone and you do not know who and what will support you.

The gap analysis for you is the core to know how to proceed and if to proceed.

In my case, I should have walked away, it is still happening.

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