Winning the war in your mind The battles you cannot win.


Winning the ware in your mind.

Why did you tell, were you winning the war in your mind? what could you win? nothing.

Think carefully before you think about telling the business, that something is wrong. You may be winning the war in your mind but in real life, you can only lose.

Let me tell you a story from real life.

A pharmaceutical company that distributes medicine in the Scandinavian market, which has 68% of all deliveries to the pharmacies, has a cost-drive for 650 mills. and profit on 450 mills. Who does all their distribution cheapest and with minimum documentation. This is a true story of how whistleblowing can turn life into hell and how right only makes you wrong.

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The beginning of the wistleblowing.

What is whistleblowing to you?

Did you ever think, that you would need to protect yourself and be silent, and not tell anyone anything? Who cares if the company breaks the law and does not follow the law and guidelines. They do and they are still there making loads of money with the same people.

Thinking about it you must have been winning the war in your mind, and be challenged in the real world to know what you are facing.

You would never even consider saying it, if you where not winning the war in your mind.


The business must win the battle.

The CEO on the business where I worked. He was a Phamacist, who now where a CEO for a 11 billion company, with his bodies on the CFO position and on the Logistics.

Facts are that they have monopoly in the market – and facts is that the business must win battles at no matter what cost.

This is why they have monopolly – not because they do a great job, but because they treaten their way and builds the stream of power. It’s like nature, a stream of water – think about it if you go against the stream.

It looks so beautiful, but it forces its power and no one can go against it.

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Whitsleblow on a monopolly – don’t do it.

A monopolly is like a stream of a beautiful water fall, which you cannot go against. If you believe that you will be winning the war in your mind, it’s not real. No one can make unless you use time and mind smater to be winning the war in your mind.

Putin runs monopolly, a business that has monopolly uses the same forces as Putin to keep control and power of what they have. To keep and have monopolly are the same forces and people who work with them work under the same conditions.

Working for the Distrubution business was very similar to how we see people act around Putin, and the good questions are – why did we not break FREE.

I chose to whistle blow internally about the distribution to the Islands and I paid the price. Even though they break the law, and rules, I paid the price to tell.

Business who wins battles.

It’s the people in the business, it’s not the business but the people who maintain it. It’s their mindset and their way of acting in the game.

The HR director, she was the worst of all, a really executer of what the CEO and CFO wanted, it’s strange how you do not see before it is too late, how similar they are to regimes we condeem.

Wistleblowing – is first winning the war in your mind ,then it is thinking if you are as strong as you believe you are.

Second Wistleblowing will make you lose all friends and colleguas and thrid – will you ever get a job again.

Before you make up your mind, think about your own life.

Think smart.

Choose wisely and do something smarter and better – Fraud, cheap and cheat are as powerful as natures strong forces.

and you will stand alone.

Still we do it.

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